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Have you seen flying ants?

Please contribute to our data collection via our short Google Form Survey.

If you would like  to provide even more information and be part of a global survey please also contribute to AntNupTracker

Ants, like the ones shown above, generally live underground. The ones you see flying are new queens, that mate while flying in the air, then  drop to the ground, unhook their wings and scurry underground never to be seen above ground again for the rest of their lives – which can be 25 years!

But why do all the queens generally fly at once on one day?

We know that weather is a major factor, but in this project we want to find out two things

  1. What weather conditions are important for triggering ‘flying ant day’
  2. Can flying ants be seen on weather radar?

Can you let us know when and where you have seen these flying ants by filling in our survey?

If you are interested in the results of this study we will put a link on this page when we have finished our analysis – feel free to pop back and check in about six months.